What is Woo?

By: Glen

Have you ever met a person who seems to know everyone? A person who, despite the many demands of life, always has time to talk to people? Does this describe you? These traits are the Woo in a person. The first sentence in the description of Woo in StrengthsQuest states, “Woo stands for winning people over.”

“That sounds like a politician,” is a common response to this description. Well, yes, in a way, that is a valid point. Woo is definitely a skill that politicians can find valuable. Let’s back up a few steps. Woo is not just politics. It is a life skill that can be a difference maker in your career life.

Why Woo?

If we are to take an objective standpoint while we look at the job market, one reality must be faced. The world is not an equal opportunity provider. When an employer says they are an equal opportunity provider, the employer is making a statement that has a legal definition. To be succinct, life is not fair to everyone. Luckily, there are methods one can use to stand out above the crowd, and have better chances for success. This is where Woo comes in handy.

“It is all about who you know.” This is a statement that is repeated throughout the Theatre Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I can attest to the truth of that statement. Thus far, I have been involved in two productions as a stage manager in the department. Both positions were handed to me, because I was good friends with people holding higher positions. I did not apply. There was no interview. I had no special skills.

Will you Woo?

The real world may not be as exaggerated as the theatre world, but it makes for a good example. Networking with people is important for any career. Making yourself known by people as a genuine person can create a willingness to help you. From a logical standpoint, more connections means more chances that someone can help you in some way. It is a brilliantly simple way to create opportunity. Life is a fickle thing; you never know when it will take you to wonderful new horizons. With Woo, you can increase the odds that opportunity will come you way.

So, will you Woo?

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