Finding the Best Advice

By: Taylor

In a recent blog post, I talked about a channel I follow on LinkedIn. Recently, I have found another page that I highly recommend for a daily dose of inspiration: Best Advice. The page consists of many professionals writing a short column with their most sought after advice. Each writer comes from a different company, a different part of the world, and also has gathered their knowledge from a vast amount of places. Here are some of recent articles posted to the page:

  • Removing Toxic People From Your Life
  • Will a Closed Mind Destroy Your Future?
  • The Most Important Ingredient for Success
  • Where Confidence Comes From
  • Best Advice: You Can’t Be Everything to Everybody

These are just a few of the many articles available. Good advice can take you a long ways and it is always good to get a diverse viewpoint on what can help you be successful. The link for this page is here.

If you are interested in pages like these there are many more out there. LinkedIn has channels for every type of professional and topic issue. Some examples include: Finance and Banking, Leadership & Management, My Startup Story, and The Book That Changed Me. You can never gather enough advice or stop learning and this is a convenient way to get great information!

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