Strength in Being Deliberative

By: Ashley

This week I am going to talk about the StrengthsQuest strength Deliberative. When I retook this assessment it came up as one of my top 5, but it wasn’t one of my initial top 5, showing that over time we all change. On the StrengthsQuest website it says that “People who are especially talented in the Deliberative theme are best described by the serious care they take in making decisions or choices. They anticipate the obstacles.” I suppose you would say we deliberative types take time to evaluate our options, assess the risks, decide how to take action and then follow through. The website gives a plethora of information evaluating this specific strength, it gives advice on careers, academics, study techniques, and much more.


Deliberative types can be defined by how we tend to keep our personal life private and are usually selective about what we tell and to whom we tell it. We prefer to think things through before speaking or taking action. We have a tendency to remain silent rather than join conversations that involve the sharing of intimate or personal information. Chances are we are willing to sacrifice affection or relationships to be true to ourselves. My favorite quote from the website is that people with deliberative as one of their strengths believe that “life is not a popularity contest.” Driven by our talents, we are often described as no-nonsense people.

Using your Deliberative strength in your career

The StrengthsQuest website says that environments where we can independently conduct thorough analysis are likely to help us be most effective and will be more enjoyable for us. It states that helping others to think through their decisions before moving ahead too quickly is something that we are good at. We tend to be private people, so environments where people are known for being discreet and trustworthy will likely bring out our best. Environments that expect a lot of socializing, interpersonal interaction, demand persuasion or selling, will not be as comfortable for us. So wanting to be a salesperson or a politician might not be right up our alley. The site says that we should explore careers in the areas of analysts, financial officers, judges, and others whose work benefits from careful thinking and deliberation. I feel like lab work and research would be a good place for deliberative types as well.

Using your Deliberative strength in your academics

The site says in our academics we tend to do the following, or should do the following to make the most of our academic career:

  • Attend all lectures and class sessions making sure we don’t miss anything.
  • Be thorough in our preparation for a class by reading ahead and reviewing class notes to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Before visiting a professor during office hours, prepare thoroughly by making a list of questions we have.
  • Once we receive a class syllabus, highlight the due dates of readings, assignments, papers, and tests.
  • When taking a test, go through the questions slowly, concentrating on the ones we are more sure of first.

Some studying techniques that are said to be effective for deliberative types are to take notes on what you read, and study your notes for exams and to always work out extra problems to make sure you understand the material. If you work best alone, study on your own before engaging in group discussions. Form questions as you study, and make sure you have answers to them before taking an exam.

It was William Somerset Maugham who said, “In the conduct of life we make use of deliberation to justify ourselves in doing what we want to do.” I guess the way I would translate this bit of wisdom is we use deliberation in our everyday lives to get to know ourselves, as well as others, and through careful consideration, observations, and experiments (such as classes, and jobs) we get to know ourselves and what we want to get out of life. We figure out what we want to do with our lives, we figure out how to do it, and we go for it! To see if deliberative is one of your top 5 strengths, stop on in to Career and Internship Services (SCC 22) and get a code to take this awesome assessment for yourself!

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