Don’t Get Stuck: A College Student’s Guide, Part 1

By: Glen

A fear that many people have is being stuck with a “dead-end” job. This is why more and more people are attending college. The expectations of today are that people need a college degree (or more) to get the job they want. Unfortunately, running off to college and getting a degree is not the cure-all to avoid being stuck. If this is true, what is the answer? In my next few blog posts, I will give some ideas for what to do while at college to give you an advantage in the world.

Teamwork road sign

Find Student Organizations

Just do it. Even if an organization is not directly related to what you want to do in life, they show that you are doing something with your life. You can even try new things. It is entirely possible that you can find a new skill or passion by doing so. For example, joining a service fraternity or sorority can be more helpful than you think. That’s right, I said joining a fraternity or sorority can be helpful. Maybe you never considered joining a Greek organization. Consider it! Service organizations (especially) can create a bond with the community that can help students build a resume.

If community service is not your favorite activity, there are many options available that can still aid in the purpose of not getting stuck. Do you like planning? Join an organization on campus that is dedicated to organizing activities for students. Those planning skills are transferrable to almost any situation. Want to learn about a career field? Join an organization that is connected to a department on campus. Groups like Psychology Club, Chemistry Club, Marketing Club, and etc. can provide a fun networking atmosphere while helping students see what kinds of professions are available in the field. Want to stay fit? Joining sports clubs are still activities that can be put on a resume! Applying time to maintain your physical health is a life skill, and employers admire the dedication. One more thing, don’t forget to practice your team work skills if you are on a team! There are too many options to list; if you are still looking for something, keep brainstorming.

To find all the student organizations at UMD, connect with the Kirby Student Center.

You may have noticed there is a recurring theme here: if you don’t want to get stuck, don’t sit still. Be proactive. Expand your horizons. All of those clichés are applicable. Whatever you do: don’t do nothing.

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