Your Professional Wish List

By: Ashlee

By now, most seniors have probably started the great search for that first job after graduation. A handful of you may even have full-time jobs lined up already before you’ve even graduated! To you, I say congratulations! But the rest of you are probably on the opposite side of the spectrum. You’re still searching, or only beginning your search, and that’s okay!

The unfortunate news is that in this tight economy, your search may be a struggle and budgets can be tight. So instead of putting a couple more Wii remotes and that Harry Potter boxed set on your wish list this holiday season, why not make a wish list of things for a great professional appearance?

Prof Wish List

1.) A Leather Portfolio

A nice leather portfolio is a great gift because as you know, presentation matters. You will enhance your professional brand with little additions like this one.

2.) Dress shoes

The last thing you want to do before an interview is get dressed up in a real nice professional outfit only to be humbled by a pair of scraggly, old shoes you’ve had since middle school. Make your shoe size known and point out a few styles you really like.

3.) Briefcase or Handbag

Confession time: Bringing a backpack to a job interview isn’t going to look super professional. If you, a new job seeker, show up looking like you just literally got off the bus, the interviewer is probably going to have a tough time taking you seriously. A nice briefcase or handbag is a great gift to receive. Plus, they make you look sharp!

4.) Watch

The right accessories can take almost any professional outfit to the next level. Watches are a classic addition to any look for men and women.

5.) Suit

No, not the TV show! Consider putting a suit on your wish list this year. Whether you’re a construction worker or a lawyer, it’s essential that everyone own at least one suit for special occasions. You never know when you will need one — especially when it comes to interviews, company events, or special family occasions.

6.) Shirts or Blouses

Although they sound boring, appropriate tops are a necessary need for job hunters. A recent grad might not think of adding this basic need to their professional wardrobe at first.

7.) Ties or Scarves

Ties and scarves add a fashionable splash of color to many professional looks. Again, accessories to the rescue!

8.) Gift Cards

If all else fails or if you’re pretty particular about the type/style of clothes you wear, it’s always better to let the job seeker decide. Gift cards are an easy and quick way to help you out with your shopping needs.

But what is the most important gift of all? The gift of love and support, and your family will have an abundance of that on hand! Job searching is tough — especially these days. Their encouragement and support will go a long way.

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest boards for dress ideas: Women and Men.

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