Working on Your Career Over Winter Break

By: Megan

We’re almost through the semester! Finals are upon us, and there’s a month ahead to not worry about school. In case you haven’t thought about it, that month would be the perfect time to do some work on planning your career. Here are a few ways you can get ahead this winter break without having to have planned it out by now.

Winter Break 2013

Get organized
Spend the time looking at everything in your life and sort it. Figure out what classes you’ll need to take in order to graduate when you want to. Look at what you want to do with your extracurriculars to build your resume. Figure out your budget. Having all of this figured out now could save you a lot of scrambling later, and you now have some time to sit down and focus.  Break it down into little chunks. This way, when next semester starts, you’ll have a fresh start and a clear path.

Get your resume set! Update it with all the extra-curricular activities you’ve been doing, the coursework you’re finishing up, the job you started last summer, etc. This is the time to get to work and make it perfect. You now have time to work on wording it just right. Need help getting it started? Check out our Career Handbook.

Start looking for internships
This is the perfect time to start your internship search for summer or next fall! Do some serious researching, make sure you fit requirements, look up due dates, and get your resume and cover letter looked at. If you need or want references, this would be a perfect time to contact them. You could also schedule a mock interview with a counselor and take a look at Interview Stream. In short, take the time you have now so you won’t have to do it later when you don’t have time.

A month is definitely enough time to start developing a relationship with a supervisor at a volunteer job. If you’re staying in town, you can keep it up during the school year (maybe with fewer hours). If not, it’s a good experience and you can go back whenever you’re back home. It’s good for the resume, and you can show your support for a cause that you care about.

Realistically, this is what quite a few college students will be doing over break. Work experience is always useful, and you can get in more hours now. This is a good time to work on a relationship with a supervisor or manager if you think you may want them to write a reference for you in the future. You’ll also be working on your transferable skills, even if you’re not in a job that is related to your career. If you are, that’s even better!

There are a whole host of other things you could do over break as well, this is just a small taste. Don’t forget to give yourself a break too. Good luck on finals and have a wonderful winter break!

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