Exploring a Career in Government

By: Christopher

Many soon-to-be graduates are on the job hunt but many have not considered a job in government.  A career in government can offer benefits that the private sector simply can’t. For instance, because the government is not dependent on market forces it doesn’t fall victim for recessions in the same way that the private sector does. This means that a career in government is great for people who value job stability. For young people, working for the government can provide experience that is often times required to get hired elsewhere. But some of you may ask if a career in government is applicable to your major. Rest assured there is likely an opportunity right up your alley.

Careers in government

The USAjobs.gov is a great resource for those searching for their first job. Here is a general list of the fields within the federal government.

  • Accounting, Budget, and Finance
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business and Industry
  • Engineering and Architect
  • Information Technology
  • Legal and Claims
  • Management and Administrative Services
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Safety, Health, and Physical
  • Social Science, Psychologist

Most of these jobs are not located in Minnesota so it provides a great opportunity for those willing/wanting to relocate to do so. However, for those of you not wanting to leave this wonderful state you can check out the Minnesota government website here.  They have an updated database of jobs around the state, many of which are entry level.

Another option for graduates is to go into the Foreign Service. Not only do you get to work for the government but it also provides an opportunity to travel around the world and world at America’s many embassies. To enter the Foreign Service you must take an exam to test your knowledge of general government structures and history. Once you are in you get to choose from five distinct career tracks

  • Consular Officers facilitate adoptions, help evacuate Americans, and combat fraud to protect our borders and fight human trafficking. Consular Officers touch people’s lives in important ways, often reassuring families in crisis.
  • Economic Officers work with foreign governments and other USG agencies on technology, science, economic, trade, energy, and environmental issues both domestically and overseas.
  • Management Officers are resourceful, creative, action-oriented “go to” leaders responsible for all embassy operations from real estate to people to budget.
  • Political Officers analyze host country political events and must be able to negotiate and communicate effectively with all levels of foreign government officials.
  • Public Diplomacy Officers explain American values and policies and may benefit from a strong knowledge of local government and customs

For more information visit http://careers.state.gov/officer

Whether you want to travel the world or make a difference at home a career in government can empower you to make that decision.

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