Taylor’s Lessons Learned at UMD

By: Taylor

Well the time has come for me to graduate. It is so hard to believe that just 3 and half years ago I was entering this space as a freshman. I truly could not be more pleased with my experience at UMD and my heart hurts when I think that it is now concluding. I have learned so much here and have been touched by so many amazing people; I am incredibly thankful.

I think I could write pages giving people recommendations on what to do with their time at UMD, but I will try to keep it brief.

Get involved. I’m serious. There is a club or student organization out there for literally every interest. What a convenient way to meet people and do what you love. You can also find on-campus jobs (the best are in Career & Internship Services) or join an intramural sport.

Try new things. Now’s your time, people! Get out and do something you’ve always wanted to!

Explore. The students who I’ve come into contact with that get off campus and explore the city of Duluth and the Northland feel much more connected to the community. We live in a beautiful place and it’s inspiring. There are so many hiking trails, boutiques, restaurants, etc. only 5-10 minutes from campus. Load up the car and head up to Gooseberry Falls or just spend an afternoon walking along the Lakewalk. That is how many of my fondest memories here were made.

Appreciate your time. Soak it all up. It goes by so fast and before you know it you will be graduating.

This is going to be an ironic statement after all of that, but something I’ve realized lately is that at some point in time you have to stop taking advice from people and do what you want to do. Take charge of your life and mold it into something that makes you happy every single day. This is the most important thing. You are the creator of your destiny and the measurer of your success.

I am so excited for this next chapter in my life but am sad to be ending this one. This experience will forever be a part of me. A true thank you to every person in the Career & Internship Services office for being great mentors and coworkers. You are all fabulous people who I will miss very much.

Yay Bulldogs! I did it!

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