Career Planning From Your Favorite TV Shows

By: Ashley

I came across this super intriguing infographic the other day and thought it was worthy of a blog post. The infographic lists 8 popular TV shows that many of us watch and then it states college courses that coincide with the overall theme of the show. It even gives careers that you may like to pursue based off your interest in that particular TV program. I saw this infographic on YouTern in the article “Does Our Favorite TV Show Help Predict Our Career?” and they got it from Semester Online which is a website that offers online courses. It is a pretty cool infographic and I encourage you to take a peek at it yourself, I am willing to bet all of you have at least seen one episode, or heard of The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones.

The thing that shocked me the most was how accurate the infographic was, at least in my case. The Walking Dead has always been one of my favorite shows, I am an avid zombie-genre watcher whether it Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil or even Zombieland, so naturally, The Walking Dead was right up my alley. My current career path is clinical/medical laboratory sciences and, what do you know, under the possible careers that people that like this TV show is clinical laboratory sciences.  Not to mention, I love Breaking Bad and Chemistry, so that definitely made sense. I’m not a chemistry major like the infographic says, but I do have a minor in it.  I guess the thing I like most about this infographic is it gives you courses, majors, careers, and fun facts but still isn’t too crowded. It’s fun.

Now just because the infographic was correct for me that doesn’t mean that because you like watching The Big Bang Theory that you should become an Astrophysicists or that you want to major in physics, or want to go into criminology because you’re obsessed with Dexter. You can like something and not want to do it for the rest of your life. You might, however, if given the opportunity in college take a course/elective that is similar to a TV show and maybe you will find out that you do in fact like communications or graphic design and you just so happen to also like Mad Men. The infographic can serve as a source of inspiration. It is important to explore in college, to find out what you like and what you really don’t like. That is the only way you are going to be able to weed through the millions of careers out there to find the one that is right for you. So my words of advice are: use your electives well, take classes that interest you, and have fun with them!

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