Happy Winter Break!

So we’re going on Winter Break! We’ve had a fantastic Fall semester and we’re looking forward to taking a break and recharging. We’ll be back in action on the blog once Spring semester gets underway. Our office will be closed Dec. 23-27 and Jan 1st. The rest of Winter Break, we’ll be open our normal hours: Monday-Friday, 8-4:30pm.

While we’re gone, check out our top 10 most popular posts from the past year:

  1. What Else Can I do with a Degree in Education? (Whitney)
  2. What Can You do with an Exercise Science Major? (Justine)
  3. What to Bring on the First Day of Work (Abby)
  4. Skillfully Summarizing Yourself (Andrew)
  5. How to Get Into a Physical Therapy Program (Justine)
  6. How to Deal with Job Rejection (Ashlee)
  7. The UK Curriculum Vitae vs the US Resume (Zach)
  8. Analytical as a Strength (Ashley)
  9. Get Your Resume Ready for the Job Fair (Justine)
  10. Tips for Success in Your 20s (Annie)


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