Our Top 5 Services for Freshmen

By: Ashley

There is this major misconception that Career and Internship Services is the place to go when you’re a senior. All of us here want to let you all know that we are an office that helps freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and alumni. In this post I am going to highlight the top 5 things we can do for freshmen right here in our office.  This list is only the top 5 and the services we offer for freshmen are not limited to those on this list:

  1. Choosing a major
  2. Identify your strengths and interests
  3. Help you write the Freshmen resume
  4. Help with interviewing
  5. Obtain an internship

Choosing a major

Choosing a major isn’t meant to be easy and our counselors are here to help you figure out what and where you might want to go. The counselors will sit down with you, pull up what majors we have here at UMD and talk you through what you may want to pursue. They might suggest a career assessment to see where your interests are.  Many students wait to declare their major and explore electives and/or clubs to see what they are passionate about and many students throughout their college career change their major.  I suggest checking out the “Finding Your Path, Choosing Your Major” video we put together specifically for freshmen.

Identifying your strengths and interests

In our office we offer 3 career assessments, and each helps students to discover different things about themselves.  When you take an assessment you also get to make an appointment to go over the results with a counselor and figure out what your next steps will be.  The 3 assessments are:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: a personality assessment that gives potential fields of interest that you might like based off your personality
  • Strong Interest Inventory: tells you where your interests are and what careers fit well with your interests
  • StrengthsQuest: gives you your top 5 strengths and gives you access to online information on how to use those strengths to your advantage

Help you write a resume

As a freshman you may think you don’t need to write a resume because you don’t have any experience, but it is always important to have a one.  A resume is never done, it will be something that you will update and alter your whole life, and it’s important to start it as soon as you can.  Our counselors and our peer educators are here to help you to build that resume whether it is for a job (on or off campus) or an internship, they are here to help. One of our best resources is our handbook which you can get a hard copy in our office or use the PDF version on our website to begin it. There are resume examples and an outline in there to help you. We have drop in hours every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-4 in our office for quick review, as well as there will always be a peer educator in our office from 8-4:30 Monday-Friday to help you.

Help with interviewing

Our counselors offer mock interviews so you can practice, they are also available for help with basic questions about interviews, interview anxiety, what to do before, and what to do afterwards. We also offer a service called InterviewStream that allows you to record yourself via webcam while you are interviewed by a prerecorded person and then review afterwards so you can perfect your interviewing skills.  To access InterviewStream:  https://umn.interviewstream.com/default.aspx

Obtaining an internship

Internships help you gain experience in your chosen field as well as learn important skills for the working world. Internships also help you network with employers and other people within your chosen field. The counselors will help you develop a search plan for finding an internship and introduce you to sites like GoldPASS where there are job and internship listings specifically for U of MN students.  To access GoldPASS: http://goldpass.umn.edu/

From choosing a major, to identifying your strengths/interests, to help with your resume, to help with interviewing and getting an internship, these are just 5 of the services we have for freshmen. We are here to help you through your college experience please feel free to stop into our office (Solon Campus Center 22) and ask as many questions as you like, we are here to answer those questions.

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