How To Unplug

By: Megan

As we’re getting into the swing of the semester, I think we all start to feel a bit of a strain. Our classes are starting to test us, projects get underway, and our student organizations start throwing all these events. Where do you get enough time to do everything? Short answer: I have no idea. Long answer: figure out what’s important, and let yourself take time off. Here are some ideas on how to step back that apply now, and will apply even more as we move on from college and head into the workforce.

How to unplug

Actually unplug

How long have you been away from the internet in the last 24 hours? I’m guessing not long. Being constantly connected is a thing in today’s world, but that can get draining, especially when it means we’re not spending our time actually focusing on one thing. So take some time and go offline. Don’t sit in front of your computer all day. Let your group members know not to expect you to respond at certain times, and don’t check your email or texts. Start setting some boundaries in your work and play life.

Plan your time, and stick to it

If we’re not in front of our computers all day, how in the world are we supposed to get everything done? It’s simple: actually do what you mean to do when you get in front of one. It’s hard, but it can be done. Imagine your boss or instructor is looking over your shoulder and actually focus on your work. Get what you need to done, and then you can play. Of course, I don’t mean to continually work until you finish, even if it takes all night. Take breaks, but don’t let those breaks turn into an hour of web-surfing.


Sometimes there’s no chance of things slowing down. You get projects that stack up on each other, the busy season at work, or 4 tests in one day. That’s life. But you still need time to take care of you. Even if you think you have no time, you need it. Take a space and make it a stress free zone. Leave your stress outside, and focus on you. Whatever it is that calms you down, take some time and do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

College isn’t so different from a “real-world” job. It has its ups and downs, and sometimes we let it take over. In order to be our best however, we need to spend some time making sure that we stay healthy. So take these tips, and try applying them one at a time. Change happens slowly, but if you keep applying yourself to it, hopefully you’ll be able to evaluate what you need and make sure you get it.

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