Building a Wardrobe for Your Career

By: Hayley

If you are like me and you struggle to determine what you should wear to an interview or are convinced that your current wardrobe is lacking in sophistication then here are a few steps you can use to build a basic career wardrobe.

Build wardrobe

  1. Evaluate what you already have: There is no sense in buying a bunch of nice shirts if what you really need is pants. So take the time to go through what you have. Ask yourself if a certain top would look nice under a cardigan or if that dress is long enough to be appropriate for the office.
  2. Make Potential Outfits: Lay everything out and then evaluate what outfits you could make with what you have and what potential outfits you could do if you had this or that. Establish what you are lacking before you go on a shopping spree.
  3. Focus on the Basics: Now think about a few staples that you may be missing. Things that you could wear with a number of outfits but seem to be missing. You should have some sort of blazer; most go for a basic black that can be paired with almost everything. Comfortable and appropriate footwear is necessary; simple black heels or dress shoes. Along that line you also need the appropriate socks or nylons to go with those shoes. That last one may seem unimportant but it can go along way in ensuring that you look as professional as possible.
  4. Get what you NEED: Now that you know what you need it is time to go get them. Focus only on the items that you know you need and try to avoid piling your cart with things that aren’t on your list; so you don’t go broke building a wardrobe for a job you don’t have yet.
  5. Try it on: Take the time to make sure that what you buy fits you well. Avoid tops that are too tight or that the neckline falls too low on. Make sure your pants are the right length. It might be helpful to wear those basic heels or dress shoes that you may end up wearing all the time so that you can really see how your pant length looks; it seems silly but it makes a difference.

Hopefully you can use these steps to help you create a basic wardrobe for your interviews and your future career!

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