Tips for Selecting Electives

By: David

Choosing classes may be a stressful time for most, but it may also be an exciting time! There is so much to choose from, but we are only limited to taking a few. So what happens when you need the filler classes to fill in your required amount of credits? You have electives to choose from! What kind of electives should you pick? I’m no advisor or anything, but here are some of my tips for choosing electives.

1) Selecting electives within your major.

The first tip I would recommend is selecting electives within your major. Even though you may already have other classes required for your intended major it’s always nice to take other classes within the field to learn more. Once you’ve become dedicated and passionate enough about your major, it helps to have these electives picked out so you can absorb as much information as you can for your career in the future.  As a Communication major I absolutely love the classes that are offered here. I took “Intercultural Communication” my first semester here as a freshman and that influenced me to go into  the Communication field.

2) Selecting electives outside your major. 

If you don’t want to pick electives within your major, you can select electives outside of your major! I highly recommend this option because it allows you to broaden your knowledge in other areas depending on what you choose to know. By selecting electives in other areas, it gives you a better understanding of a certain topic and that can come in handy someday. Last semester I took General Psychology even though I had already fulfilled the liberal education requirement and I loved it! Coming into this semester I’m currently debating if I should double major in Psychology (with Communication) because it’s an area that I’ve always loved learning about and has caught my attention.

3) Selecting electives to boost your GPA.

Electives are a great to boost your overall GPA as well. You may be wondering, “How do I know what class to choose?” The trick lies in choosing classes via professor or friend recommendations. First, if you know that a certain professor is teaching a class and you have a really strong connection or just think that the professor is awesome, then by all means take the class! Secondly, if a friend has taken a certain class before feel free to ask them about it. Maybe you could even look at the syllabus and learn more. Also, if a friend recommends you to take a certain class then you should look more into it. From my experience, I’m currently taking Ethics & Society right now because a friend recommended that I take it, and I love it!

In the end, there is an endless selection of electives to choose from. We all have our own preferences when selecting classes, but it doesn’t mean that we should stop learning. Learning more about your major is a great way to boost your knowledge for the future and will be very helpful for your future career. On the other hand, it also is useful to learn about other areas and see the world through a different lens. For example, as a Communication major I really enjoy taking classes within the Arts as well because I find it interesting and it allows me to see the world in a creative way. Lastly, selecting classes to boost your GPA isn’t a bad thing. As students, we all want to have an outstanding GPA and it’s crucial to have one depending on your plans after college.

I just want to leave off by saying that no matter what classes you decide to choose from feel free to always be curious and always take the initiative to learn something new every day because in the end knowledge is the key to success.

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