3 Useful Tips for Over Spring Break

By: Brian

Update Resume

It is important to update your resume on a regular basis.  When you have some down time during the week long break, you should add things to your resume since your last update (internships, awards, other employment, contact info, etc).  Not being up to par with your resume can lead to lots of stress when you are actually trying to do a resume in the near future. The end of the school year will come faster than you expect, so it is important to update your resume often so that you can be ahead of the game and have a strong resume leading towards the end of the year.

Brush up on Interview Skills

Interviews can either make or break you when applying for a job.  A lot of people don’t know the proper interview etiquette skills and then come to job interviews unprepared.  Take time out of your busy schedule to brush up on these skills.  Have a mock interview with your friends or a family member and ask for feedback and how you can improve.  Take a Strengths assessment so when the question comes up asking you about your strengths, you are not stumbling around trying to find the answer.  Also show up 15 minutes early to gather yourself.  It’s better to be early rather than late.  Make sure you research the company you applied to so you have an upper hand during the interview process.  Ask questions after the interview so it shows that you have an interest in the company you applied for.

Interview Meme

Gain Networking Skills

Networking skills are also a key component when looking for a job.  The more people you know the better.  Networking doesn’t really have to be someone who works in a certain job setting, it could be people from different campus organizations you’ve joined, professors, or even your advisors.  Over break you can search for groups on-campus that you find interesting.  Joining groups or even volunteering can really help build your resume and employers really take that into consideration when applying for a job.  A lot of employers want to see what you have done outside your school work and other jobs that make you qualify for the position you applied for.  Go out and meet new people to build relationships and great network connections that can last beyond your school years and into your career.

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