Lessons Learned from Disney

By: Ashley

So I read this awesome article on the Brazen Careerist by Adam Britten and it was about grown-up lessons we learned from Disney movies and I thought some of them related to job searching and career exploration, as well as just general life lessons.  So below I am going to list a few of the ones Adam listed and then a few lessons I learned myself from different movies, then of course elaborate on them to relate them back to job searching and career exploration!

Disney Career Lessons

A few from Adam:

  1. Be curious — from Alice in Wonderland
  2. Be true to your heart — from Mulan
  3. Hard work pays off — from The Princess and the Frog

A few from me:

  1. Never give up on your goals/dreams – from Finding Nemo
  2. Start doing and stop wishing – from Aladdin

Career Exploration

I think all of us are a little curious deep down, and being curious is a good thing. If Alice hadn’t followed the white rabbit she would never have met all those crazy fun people or even encountered Wonderland. Let curiosity drive you to figure out what you love, what you are passionate about, and what you want to do in the future! We all have career questions – that is why we go to college – to find ourselves and our calling, and the best place to get the answers to those career questions is right in our office (SCC 22).  Maybe you’re like Mulan and you know what you want to do. Maybe you know that you want to be a physical therapist one day and no one will sway you otherwise. Good for you! Like Mulan, to be happy in life you have to follow your heart. But like Mulan we could all use a Mushu to guide us, someone with our best interest at heart. Let our counselors be your Mushu. Let them help you along the way. Even after you graduate.

Job Searching

So now you know what you’re passionate about and you know how to get there. Now the fun part comes, finding that dream career you have been thinking about since sophomore year. The way to that job is through hard work, perseverance, and to take action. Like Adam says in his post “Tiana is synonymous with dedication” she worked her keister off to obtain her dream restaurant, and with that amount of hard work there is no doubt you will achieve your goals too. Sometimes life does throw us curve balls but like Marlin and Tiana you can’t give up, keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t forget through those obstacles Career & Internship Services is here for you. We work with alumni all the time and we can help you with your job search.  We can discuss job search strategies and help you with GoldPass, your resume, interview questions, set up mock interviews and so much more. Last but not least, it is important to dream and have goals, but it is even more important to act on those dreams. You must pursue your aspirations in order for them to come true. Like Aladdin learned, you can’t get what you want by just rubbing a magic lamp, you have to take action, and most importantly, be yourself.  In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, you can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. So take action and come on in to our office and take advantage of the resources that you may not have even known were available to you!

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