Boost Your Resume by Volunteering

By: Meg

There are obviously all sorts of things you can do to make your resume super impressive, and I’m sure you’re already doing a lot of them! Working, student groups, class projects, and keeping up your GPA all help to make your resume fantastic and diverse. One thing people often forget when trying to find resume-building activities is Volunteering! You don’t have to get paid to put something on your resume. You can volunteer in so many ways, and no matter what you’re doing, it will help you on your way to a great resume.


Community Service

There are all sorts of things you can do to help your community. Help with a Community garden to make your neighborhood even more beautiful. You can donate your time to local retirement homes, food banks, or homeless shelters. Anything you do to help others will show potential employers that you care and are willing to put in some effort to change the world around you.


If you have a cause you care about, don’t be afraid to volunteer your time to it! There are lots of special interest organizations that would love to make use of students that are passionate about their cause. There are environmental groups, domestic violence organizations, health education campaigns, political campaigns and so much more. Duluth is a forerunner in many anti-violence campaigns, take advantage of that! Even if it has nothing to do with your chosen career path, it will stand out and be a talking point on your resume. If it is related to your field, it can be a very useful networking tool.

Related Services

You may not be qualified for a job or internship in your field that fits with your availability. That does not mean you can’t be involved. Go ahead and find a volunteer position. These are often a lot more flexible and you can make your own schedule a lot of the time. Those of you going into the health-care field know that it takes a lot of dedication to even be eligible for an internship. Volunteering may be a way to gain references and knowledge that would make you more appealing as a candidate for those hard-earned positions. Find out what you can do with your knowledge base and volunteer your time.

There are many ways to go about finding a volunteer position. If you know somebody who does or has done volunteering with an organization you would like to work with, just ask them! Talk to your professors, classmates, and advisors about what they know about. Make use of your network! It’ll be good practice for when you need to find a paid position. UMD student group SERVE has lists of organizations and events that they have volunteered with in the past. United Way of Greater Duluth sends out a Weekly Service Scoop on things you can do in our community.

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