Going Beyond the Traditional Interview

By: Chris

Interviewing for a job is something that we must all face when pursuing our career track. Many of us prepare our resumes and polish our skills but sometimes that isn’t enough to get us the job. More and more companies are looking for the right fit in their positions that align with their company culture. Forbes recently did an article that reported on the top five personality traits employers hire most which showed many companies hire differently that one might think.

Professionalism (86%)

Professionalism is critical to impressing an interviewer and since first impressions are usually what this characterizes it is important to act in such a manner. Turning off your cell phone, smiling, standing and shaking hands, and general politeness can go a long way to improving your chances of landing that job. Also, following up after the interview with a thank you card shows good manners and solidifies how well your interview went with the employer.

High-energy (78%)

Being engaged in the interview and asking questions can demonstrate your interest level and critical thinking for the position. With this trait it might be easy to go too far and become almost animated in your interview. Rather, use your high energy when going into depth about various questions and try to maintain eye contact without staring.

Confidence (61%)

If you have both high energy and professionalism then confidence should come naturally. Body language can tell a lot about a person and you want it to tell your interview that you know your stuff and want the job. Be sure to stand up straight and do not make overly grand gestures with your hands. Being prepared can also boost your confidence since you will be focused on the questions at hand rather than the answer you forgot to prepare for.

Self-monitoring (58%)

This trait has less to do with first impressions, like the first three, and more to do with how you craft your experiences. Employers like to see that you were able to handle a situation independently or excelled without direct supervision. When answering questions give situations where you took the initiative, what was the outcome, and what you learned in the process.

Intellectual curiosity (57%)

Depending on your chosen field, there might be a need to learn new ways to complete projects or adopt a new method of solving problems. If this is the case then you may want to craft you interests as someone who is forward thinking and enjoys new things. If you show that you enjoy learning outside of the workplace then it is easy to assume that you enjoy learning them during the hours of 9 to 5.

Of all the traits that employers look for, confidence is the trait that is most lacking according to employers. It is important to note that the top three traits are all solely based on how well you present yourself and act during the interview, while the others are crafted upon your experiences. This says a lot as to what employers truly value and look for in a candidate and harnessing this knowledge could help you land that job.

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