Dressing for an Interview

By: Ashlee FB

Have you ever wondered whether or not something is appropriate for an interview? As many of us are approaching graduation, we begin the job search, which leads to the interview process. It is important to understand just how crucial attire is during these interviews. The first thing a potential employer will notice is a person’s physical appearance.

Dressing for Interview

Although it does depend on the industry and the position you will be applying for, generally speaking, these are some basic guidelines for both male and female attire in the interview process:

Men have the luxury of being able to wear a simple suit and tie and it does not take much time to pick out what outfit they will be wearing. With that being said, it is important that you wear the suit appropriately and you’ve taken the time to make yourself look nice. This means no wet hair, no scuffed shoes, no un-tucked shirts, etc. Your attire should be noticed as being appropriate and well fitting, however, it should not take center stage. It is also important to clean up a little before an interview. There is no need for the five o’clock shadow or greasy hair.

Dress for Success-Men

Women have it a little more challenging. A dress, skirt, or pantsuit is usually the safest route to go when dressing for an interview. If you are wearing a skirt or suit, make sure the bottom hem is still at an appropriate length when sitting down. There are also a wide variety of options of colors – all of which portray something different. Generally, navy, dark gray and black for women are considered “safe” colors. It is also important to keep nails, hair, and makeup as simple and as natural looking as possible. With busy hairstyles and jewelry, it is possible they might take away from the most important part of the interview – you and your qualifications. As far as shoes go, make sure all shoes are closed toe, freshly polished, and low enough where you are able to walk comfortably.

Dress for Success-Women

Confidence goes a long way in an interview and it all starts with feeling comfortable in your skin and with what you are wearing. As a basic rule, it is essential to look professional and polished. Employers will be much more impressed with a person that has dressed professionally and can sell themselves as an asset. Happy interviewing!

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