Conduct a Successful Internship Search

By: Megan

An internship is an invaluable experience that will help you to build your resume. We’ve talked about them quite a bit, but before you even think of what to wear and how to act, you have to find that internship.

Internship Search


First place I’m going to send you is GoldPASS. We’ve talked about it before. There are tons of postings on there, and you can apply right on the site generally. Internships (especially those on campus) can be posted on the U of M HR website. Use your LinkedIn account to expand your network. Sometimes former classmates end up exactly where you want to be, and you can talk to them about how they got there. You can also look at our Internships page for more places to look online.


Go to your department! Some majors require an internship. If so, it is almost certain they have a list of where students have interned for in the past. Sometimes you are required to go through an internship prep course which will help you find and prepare for an internship. Even if your department doesn’t have an institutionalized internship program, your Professors might know of some places students have worked with. They might know of some open positions right now!


Start with your professors, supervisors, advisors, and people who worked with your student group and know your field. Use your network to find out all the opportunities you can take advantage of. If you have volunteered in a related field, talk to your supervisor there. Human Service fields tend to all be connected, and they will definitely know something. Find a mentor, and be sure to thank them when you get the job! Our Career Handbook has some great tips on networking.

Career & Internship Services

This is a lot, right? If you feel like you need some help sorting through listings or even finding them, you can set up an appointment and talk to one of our Career Counselors. You can also stop in to our Career Resource Center and go over your GoldPASS and LinkedIn accounts with a Peer Educator, and take a look at some of our books on different fields and careers.

Hopefully I’ve given you a little bit of a game plan. You can always ask for help. We’re students; we’re supposed to be learning! Don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect internship (or any) just yet. Sometimes they just fall in your lap. If you’re looking, you’ll find something when it’s available.

Good luck!

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