Staying on Top at the End of the Semester

By: Chris

The semester may be ending in a couple of weeks but that doesn’t mean the workload is winding down. For many of us, projects and papers are due while finals are looming down on us. This is a perfect opportunity to make sure you are making the most out of your classes while not getting overwhelmed.

Effective study habits

It is important now more than ever to make sure you are efficiently using your time to study for your finals. One tip not many people know is that taking notes by hand can help you remember information for a longer period of time. In a study from Princeton and UCLA they found that processing information is improved when taking notes because you have to actively summarize information. Also remember that if you are trying to learn new information try to find a quiet environment and put down the headphones because it may impair your information retention abilities. And beware of burn out by spacing out your study hours ahead of time to make sure you have enough time to study without cramming at the last minute. Active learning, such as self-testing, is monumentally better than passively re-reading notes. If you would like to learn more about studying better without burning out check this link.

Eating correctly

When school starts to pile up, our diets in college take a hit, which can be detrimental to you studying and focus. It is vital to eat protein in the morning to hold off the hunger until noon time while remembering to eat small healthy foods and drinking plenty of water throughout the day to make the energy last.


While eating well and studying may be critical to finishing strong this semester one must remember that getting enough sleep is just as important. Unfortunately, for a lot of us it isn’t possible to get a full eight hours so naps during the day have to make up for that. If you’re looking to boost energy, a ten to twenty minute rest will likely suffice. However, any more than that and you risk feeling groggy. If you sleep for a full 90 minutes you can eliminate that feeling while getting some REM sleep. If you’d like to know more about the optimal nap check this link.


Finally setting goals for what you want to get out of this semester can go a long way to providing direction to your studying. Even just creating a simple but doable list for the day can keep you focused and make you feel accomplished when you finish.

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