Healthy Habits on the Job: Productive Space

By: Cameron

Today, we will be talking about keeping a productive workspace as a healthy habit for on the job. Where you work can vary. Some people work in a cubicle, others work in an office. I would like to discuss tips on how to maintain a productive workspace when working from home, because working at home is arguably the most hectic work environment. When working at home you have family, roommates, pets, chores, clutter, food, electronics, noise, and other miscellaneous things to distract you. The following post will discuss some basic tips to keeping a productive workspace at home.

Productive Space

Get comfortable: Anything from a soft chair, to the right amount of lighting or the right room temperature will set the mood for a perfect working environment. There is such a thing as getting too comfortable. For example, some people may be able to work lying in bed or sitting in a beanbag, but studies have shown that sitting up straight can improve your focus.

Reduce distractions: Make sure your door is closed and any temptations, such as TV or other electronics, are out of reach. Also, know your learning style. Things like music can be helpful to some people and distracting to others. Even the genre of music can make the difference. If needed, make a playlist of songs you can work to. If music and sound in general is distracting to you, then you might want to invest in a pair of earplugs.

Organize: Know where everything is. Shoving everything into a drawer will make your space clean, but it may not be enough. A cluttered filing system can make for a cluttered mind. Knowing where everything is will also reduce the time it takes to find what you are looking for when working on a project.

Set time limits: When working from home there is sometimes the illusion that you have plenty of time to accomplish your daily tasks because you save time commuting, socializing, etc. This illusion can be trouble. If you set reasonable time limits throughout the day completing tasks, then you will feel pressured to work harder.

Create Inspiration: This tip may not be helpful for everyone, but it’s a cool concept. Creating a workspace that inspires you can give you that extra motivation you need to be productive. If you have an idol that you admire, hang a poster of them above your workspace. If what inspires you is a quote, frame that quote or put it on a sticky note on your computer. A memento, family portrait, award, invention…literally anything that gives you inspiration!

These five tips are meant for working at home because this is when you have the most control over your workspace. That’s not to say these tips can’t apply to work at the office either. Give one, two, or several of these tips a try and hopefully you will find yourself being more productive than ever.

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