Dealing with Rejection

By: Michael

Some, if not many of you, have gotten to experience an internship or job somewhat related to your field. As the spring wraps up and we start summer along with the fresh new interns arriving to their places of work, I have some important tips to offer you having come out of my own internship from this spring. As many of you know, an internship is an important step towards getting into your career, but it should not be expected that it is a guarantee for a job after completion. I recently held a tax internship with McGladrey here in Duluth and I was anxiously waiting to here back if I would have a job offer for when I graduate. Unfortunately, I did not get it. For a short while I was upset and angry that I did not get what I had forced myself to believe was my ideal job. It’s tough and might sound cliché but I know there are countless opportunities out there. As I’m back working part time at North Shore Bank of Commerce, I have begun to search for other accounting opportunities that can help me get to my destination or ideal career.

My last bit of advice to all of you for this semester is this:

Don’t let rejection discourage you from pursuing your goals.

Sometimes when you intern for a company, you or the employer just doesn’t find the right fit. When I was told I would not be receiving the job, I still received very good employer feedback which I will bring with me to the next opportunity. A lot of you might be getting into competitive internships, I know I have discussed handling a competitive work environment in the past, but keep those tips in mind while not forcing too much out of yourself. Make sure to take the time to really evaluate yourself and the company you are working for during your internship and try to avoid the rose-colored spectacles when deciding if you want to stay in that field or company. As for me, I’m not sure at this point if I’m going to continue in public accounting or if I want to apply for law school right away. September is a long ways away and I’m sure I will have more information and experience to share with you readers when that time comes.

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