The Road to the Dream Job

By: Hayley

For this blog post I decided to write about an article I read online. The article was “5 Jobs You’ll Have Before You Find Your Calling” by Glassdoor. The five jobs according to this article are; the job that gets your foot in the door, the job that provides you with connections, the job where you were promoted, the job you hate, and the job you love but quit for something better. I think this is a great look at the jobs that you often end up in. The article focuses on what I see important about these jobs; they are all important and will help you find that dream job.

1) The job that gets your foot in the door: You may start out with a job that gets your foot in the door that allows you to see that you are going in the wrong direction but you may not have found that out if you hadn’t taken that entry level position after college. Taking a low risk entry-level position is a great way to test the waters and see if this is something that you really want to do.

2) The job that gives you connections: I believe that every job you have is a networking opportunity and I agree 100% that you should never burn a bridge in a job. No matter how much you hate the job or the people you work with you never know what may happen and someday you may need a reference from them or you may decide that you do want to go into that industry. Your best bet is to be professional. Treat people with respect and when you decide to leave follow all of the appropriate procedures to do so and ask if you could use them as a reference sometime. You can never have too many references.

3) The job you were promoted in: I think the article gives a great description of what this job does for you. It is a resume builder and may get you a little bit closer to that dream job.

4) The job you hate: In my opinion there will probably be more than one of these before you get that dream job. Just keep in mind that its not permanent and that it will build your resume or that it is helping you to eliminate a job from the list that you thought you might like.

5) The job you love but leave for something better: I think once you find a job that you really like it is a sure sigh that you are headed in the right direction.

Throughout your journey to your dream job you will encounter a variety of all of these jobs. You may only have the five but there is a good chance that you have to go through a few, or a lot, more before you reach that goal. Don’t give up! You will reach the goal eventually and when you do you will be glad that you had enough experience on your resume and some killer references to help you get there.

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