Recapping Your Semester

By: Andrew

Whether you are graduating or heading home for summer break it is always good to think back on what you have accomplished this past semester. As I look back on a successful semester and year, here are some of the things I reflect on: my academics, work, and extracurriculars. I feel that as a student these are things that have molded me more and more every semester, besides my friends and professional relationships.

Academics have always been a way for me to benchmark my performance from semester to semester. As I always remind people, grades should not be the biggest indicator of your success at school because of all of the other things you can do at school. What is nice about grades is that you can for the most part have a steady indicator of your performance from semester to semester. Within these academics I always try to take away one thing that I loved about the class and one thing that I would have liked to be improved. When I say that I make reference to my own performance mainly. I try to take a project and build on it by taking pieces of it towards other classes in the future. When it comes to improvements I usually mean tests…don’t we all? Understanding why you do well and why you underperform are important things to take note of.

Work is something that can be on or off campus and that can certainly impact how you perform in the classroom depending on how often you work. For our office, we have more involved work than what other offices may have, so it gives one the opportunity to take on some very hands on projects. These types of opportunities are some of the things that you can build on and take from work to the professional world. On the other hand, working for a fast food restaurant (I worked at Taco Bell for 5 glorious years) can give you many good things to take away as well. Some of those things can be interpersonal communication, training, and leadership skills. These can always help you grow personally and help build your resume!

Extracurricular activities can be as big or small as you want. They can be being a part of an intramural team or being the president of an organization on campus. Some things that can be taken away are hands on experience and just some good lasting friendships, which as I graduate here is one of the bigger things I am starting to really appreciate. As always, these experiences are something to put on the resume and take with you to any job you have in the future.

Reflecting on your semester is never anything that has to be done, but can certainly be nice to have a close to the year. One more post to go and then you will never have to hear from me again *collective sigh of relief*. Have a great summer everyone!

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