Reflecting on Being a Bulldog

By: Hayley

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to several of our authors as they are graduating from UMD. Please feel free to wish them well on their future endeavors in the comments!

So, it is finally over. When I first started college here at UMD I never thought I would actually finish; but here I am, the only thing that stands between my diploma and me now are my finals. In less than a week I will walk across that stage as they read my name and officially become an alumni of The University of Minnesota Duluth. I cannot believe just how fast it all went. There were classes that I hated and ones that I loved. I met people who I will never forget and some that I wish I hadn’t met at all, and worked with some of the best faculty and staff ever. I came to UMD on my own and a ways away from my family with the simple goal of graduating and have ended up with so many friends and connections that I wish I could take them all with me wherever I go. I wish I didn’t have to leave but it is time for me to start the next adventure in my life. This is definitely one of those bittersweet moments for me; I am excited to go on to grad school and see what my program and the new school have to offer me but I don’t want to leave all of this behind. I do, however, want to become a school counselor and in order to do that I need to move on. I will always love UMD and I can’t even imagine myself anywhere else but it’s time for me to go.

So enough of my sappiness, I hope that you all have the same kind of experience at your undergrad institution that I did. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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