Chris’s Final Thoughts

By: Chris

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to several of our authors as they are graduating from UMD. Please feel free to wish them well on their future endeavors in the comments!

Well my college career has come to a close and so has my time on this wonderful blog. As one final hurrah to the great experiences I have had at UMD I will share some parting words for those who are continuing their journey.

Enjoying where you live

Part of you college experience is to live a different life that transitions you into adulthood. To do this you can expand your horizons by exploring the city you live in. Take a weekend, rent some camping equipment from the RSOP and go find an adventure with some friends around Duluth. This city has so much to offer in terms of parks and trails which are very close to and in the city. Even if it’s just for the afternoon, you can learn a lot about the place you live but you just have to get out and do it.

Filling your time

Working can be an important aspect in your college career as it shows employers you can juggle numerous responsibilities while not neglecting others. It can help teach you discipline that can translate into a vital skill when studying. Also, you may pick up a few useful skills to add to your resume.

Focusing on what’s important

Of course, school is paramount to your college experience and it’s essential that you focus on doing well because it can decide what kind of job you get after graduation. Luckily, this blog covers how to do well in school by managing you time and taking advantage of all the resources provided on campus.

Optimizing your experience

Don’t think that you can only go to class and look good to potential employers right out of school. Get involved in clubs, both academic and non-academic, as well as extra programs offered in your respective schools.

Seeing as how it is summer and many of you returning may not have much to do in regards to classes there are opportunities online where you can take classes at your own pace and learn a new skill or simply enjoy the knowledge from taking a class.

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