Ways to Showcase Research on Your Resume

By: Glen

Previously, I have discussed how research is helpful as a career builder, and how to get involved in research. Once you have been a researcher, being able to put your skills into words is important. Explaining your project(s) to potential employers could make or break your application for employment. Today, we will break down a few examples of how to write about your research participation on a resume. All four of the following examples are used directly from the University of Minnesota Duluth Career & Internship Services Career Handbook, 11th Edition.

Example 1
Example 1
Example 2
Example 2

The above examples are located in the “Experience” section of the resume. When writing in the sections featuring your positions, the bullet-point list is a tool that can (and should) be used to your desire. Depending on how much you want to extrapolate from each experience, you will find that positions, projects, and activities will vary in the amount of points you can write. If your involvement in research is something you want to highlight as a main focus, I would recommend having around three to six bullet points with the details of the project, as shown in Example 2. If an experience was worth noting, but you only wish to cover a couple of details, two or three bullets is a good range to shoot for, as per Example 1. If a specific position is not the most important thing on your resume, do not be afraid to just write a brief piece like this:

Example 3
Example 3

In this example, the bolded title of the research position is the name of the program. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program was formed to give undergraduates at UMD a chance to lead research. This includes writing a competitive grant application to be funded for their time researching. If your research project was a part of a larger organization, you could put the organization’s name as the title, as shown above in Examples 1 and 2.

Example 3
Example 3

This final example uses the “Education” section to briefly note undergraduate research involvement. Similar to the previous example, featuring the position was not the main goal. These examples use the brief indications of lab work to supplement other experiences on the resume.

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