Resume & Career Fair Advice from Recruiters

This week we hosted our first career fair of the school year. Thank you again to all the recruiters and students who attended!

We asked recruiters what the best thing is that they like to see on a resume or have a candidate present to them during a career fair.

Recruiter Advice


  • Bobcat: Have a resume that is clean and easy to read. Have descriptive lines that are concise and to the point.
  • RFA Engineering: List internships and mechanical aptitude (i.e. working on cars or other related items).
  • Karvakko Engineering: Show that you have experience in the field through internships and other experiences.
  • KLJ: Be involved in your community (campus and the greater community) and show those experiences on your resume.
  • Boise Inc: Be involved in on-campus activities outside of your classes and major. Show that you’re a well-rounded person who will be great to work with.
  • Minnesota Power: Have a clean looking resume that has been proofread by another person. Include your GPA.
  • Barr Engineering: Show previous internships you’ve completed.
  • Graco Inc: Show that you have hands-on experience in the industry, even if it’s not an “internship.” An example is wanting work for a manufacturing company and listing an on-the-floor manufacturing job that you had one summer.
  • Cliffs Natural Resources: Spell check. Show on-campus involvement.
  • Thiele Technologies: Show that you have applicable experience related to what you want to do and that you have a focus with where you want to go with your career.
  • ICS (Infinity Consulting Solutions): If you don’t have internship experience, make sure to include projects and classes you’ve completed related to the work you’re pursuing.
  • Dristeem Corp: Highlight your accomplishments on your resume. Go beyond just listing what you did at a job.
  • LHB Inc: Have a clean and concise resume that includes dates of when you had your experiences. Be able to articulate what you want for a position.
  • Nexen Group Inc: Show your applicable experience and that you’re involved in different activities.
  • C.H. Robinson: Show that you have industry experience and that you’ve been involved in activities while you’re in college.
  • 3M: Internship experience and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Career Fair

  • Jennie-O: Be able to articulate what you want, such as seeking an internship or full-time position. Also be able to articulate the area of the company where you’d like to work.
  • Emerson: Be able to talk intelligently about your experiences.
  • Cliffs Natural Resources: Know who the company is that you’re talking to when you approach their table at the fair.
  • Anderson Windows: Be engaging and show the recruiters that you have communication skills.

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