My Path to a Double Degree

By: David

Now if you are or were like me, you’re probably wondering what majors suit you best. Maybe you are even considering whether to double major or not because you just want to do everything! It took me awhile before I finally decided to commit to the whole idea of “double-majoring” because I was stuck in the middle of the crossroads of double majoring and having a major/minor. The entire process was a bit of a journey, and I now feel very confident and satisfied about my decision. In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about the process that I personally went through when deciding to double major. So sit back, relax, read on, and hopefully you’ll find some information helpful for your own decision making process!

The Thought Process

I spent a lot of time thinking about my major and academic path for a long time during my sophomore year. I had no idea what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. What I did know was what I enjoyed doing most and that was helping and interacting with people.

As I took my general courses, I soon realized that I was highly intrigued by my Communication and Psychology courses. So from there, I decided that I would go into these two fields eventually. As time went on I began wondering whether or not if I should double major. From there I began generating a pros & cons list which took quite some time. But even with the list and options, I was still indecisive and stuck in the middle of the crossroads.

By spring semester, I took a class which really helped me through the entire process, it was CNED 2535: Major and Career Exploration. By the end of the semester, the class made me realize that with two degrees I would have more opportunities after college and a broader field of knowledge to display to make me more marketable as a fresh graduate.

The Planning Process

Once I finally made the decision to double major the next thing I knew I had to do was plan for graduation. Initially, I had already declared my first major as Communication by spring semester of freshman year. So all I really had to worry about was my Psychology major.

Even though I had officially declared both as Communication and Psychology, I was still hesitant about my decision. I was really insecure about my decision and wasn’t sure if this was the right choice for me. So I talked to several of the career counselors in our office, professors from previous courses, and academic advisers. After talking to the professionals, I finally felt secure with my decision.

Once I felt confident enough about my decision I played around with APAS and Graduation Planner for quite some time. I checked the requirements and planned out my classes according to the courses offered. In the end, I figured out that I would be able to graduate within four years, but it would require me to take 16+ credits per semester and a couple summer sessions. Upon realizing this, I came to accept the fact that it was best to graduate in five years. Overall, I was totally okay with this decision because I enjoy college already and figured that I would have more time to maximize my skills before setting off into the real world.

To summarize, if you are considering double majoring I hope this post helps you. There are tons of reasons to double major and I personally believe that people should do it if they have the time. My final piece of advice would be to start planning early and take your time in school. Just take your time to maximize your skills and knowledge before setting off into the real world. There are so many benefits and advantages to having a double degree and reasons why people should double major. Stay tune as I will talk about the reasons, benefits, and pros/cons of having a double degree in my next blog post. Until then, stay gold folks!

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