Health & Fitness for Busy Individuals

By: Michael

One thing that a lot of people, myself included, tend to forget is to exercise and eat healthy when we are busy. Most of you readers are probably just now starting to get pretty bogged down with course work and studying, but one thing I’ve learned is that the things like exercise and healthy eating that you might put off a lot now, won’t suddenly change when you graduate and begin working. It seems to be a common concern for many as I was able to see all kinds of different tips varying from health and fitness sites to business sites such as Forbes. After spending some time doing my own research, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite tips and factoids to maybe inspire you readers to try to be a little healthier.

Health for Busy Individuals

1. Exercise can help reduce stress and give you more energy!

I know a lot of you have probably heard this plenty of times before, but I’m here to elaborate a bit more on it. See, a lot of people tend to have this misperception that in order to be healthy, you need to go run for an hour a day. This is not necessarily the case. Most of the sites I looked at mentioned that even just going for a light 15 minute jog on a daily basis is at least enough to get you into a healthier routine without the need for over-exertion. Try to find what time works best for you; personally I’m kind of a night-owl so I like to run in the early evening, before I plan to eat dinner. Some people might prefer to work out in the early mornings before work or school. Try different times until you find one that is right for you and try to stick to that time as much as you can on a daily basis.

2. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be as long as a process as it seems!

If you don’t already spend a lot of time in the kitchen, fast food or junk food often seems like an easy scapegoat during your busy life. However, foods that are high in fat and calories actually have a tendency to make you feel drowsy or ‘heavy’ throughout a long day and that’s definitely not a good feeling when you’re busy or trying to study. Instead of eating that cheese burger from McDonald’s and that energy drink from the local convenience store, try packing your own food the night before. Making a healthy turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes takes only 5 minutes and you can throw in some fruits and vegetables for good measure or for something to snack on throughout the day. When preparing something for dinner, try recipes or meals that have healthy ingredients but don’t require a lot of prep time. Here is a nice website that I’ve used in the past that might help you get a good start. For your convenience, I am also attaching a good guide to help you start with your grocery shopping!

3. Getting a good night’s rest is important!

I know many of you have probably gotten into the habit of cramming lots of homework and studying in to late nights, but I promise you that if you get less than the standard recommended 8 hours, adding just one extra hour of uninterrupted sleep will help you to be more efficient and productive the next day. I’ve learned this first hand and typically try to go to sleep at or around the same time every night and it really does help. Not only do you get the added productivity, but also it becomes easier to fall asleep, for all you insomniacs out there. This is a really good habit to get in to earlier on, as it becomes almost necessary post-college.

Overall, these are just some general tips that I myself have been trying to follow lately. There is so much more you can do to take care of yourself during a busy lifestyle and I can try to touch on more of it if any of you readers are interested. I hope this post at least gets some of you thinking about it, as it did me whilst writing it.

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