Insider Tips for Applying to Graduate School Event

By: Ashley

Insider Tips on Applying to Graduate School

So it’s that time of the school year, many people are thinking about what to do after graduation and might be wondering if graduate school is the right choice for them. Many of you may have already decided to apply to certain schools but might have questions about the “process”. Well if you are in either of these boats you are in luck because on October 29th UMN’s Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, Dean Tsantir, will be speaking here at UMD about the issues surrounding the decision to go to graduate school, the process for application, funding opportunities, and many other useful and practical strategies for navigating the process. If you have questions that you want answers to or just want to hear a great talk about insider tips on applying to graduate school, then stop on by and take a seat.

Dean Tsantir’s talk will be:

  • In the Garden Room
  • On October 29th
  • At noon

Also, don’t forget we have some lovely career counselors at Career & Internship Services who can sit down with you and help answer any questions you may have on professional and/or graduate school. So don’t be shy, you can make an appointment in person (SCC 22) or via the phone (218-726-7985).

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