Double Majoring: The Pros & Cons

By: David

I see that you’ve decided to tune back in with the topic of double majoring. In the last blog post I had mentioned that I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of double majoring. As you may already know I am currently a double major in Communication and Psychology and it’s been quite the journey. To start off, I’ll be talking about the cons first and then I’ll transition into the pros from there.

The Cons

The biggest concern students have when they think about double majoring is the workload and time commitment. One major itself already requires a lot of work and time commitment, but having to double that may seem a bit overwhelming. My suggestion would be to balance out your workload and time for both subject evenly. For me personally, I try my best to balance out my coursework for both majors throughout my semesters. This semester I am currently taking two Communication courses and one Psychology course and for next semester I plan to switch it around by taking two Psychology courses and one Communication course.

To be honest, double majoring requires a lot of work and effort. Now that I am in my upper divisions for both majors I have to read and work harder than ever! If you are contemplating if you should double major or not just keep in mind of the work that you’ll have to put in. In addition, it also really depends on what you’re going for as well. Some majors require more credit hours than others, therefore it may be quite difficult to add a second major.

The amount of time that you’ll have to put in for two different degrees will be quite mind boggling. Considering that you have a part-time job, clubs, sports, a social life,  you will have A LOT to balance by adding a second major. This is my first semester having to juggle all of that and so far it’s been quite rough, but I’m getting by. Balancing your time between two different degrees may prove to be difficult, but possible. Some students choose to cram all their credits into their entire four years while others tend to spread their classes more evenly and stay an extra semester or two. I myself already plan on staying for an extra year to finish my two degrees. I figure, what’s the rush? Might as well enjoy college while you can, right?

Anyways, the main thing that you’ll have to worry about when it comes to double majoring is the time commitment and hard work that you’ll have to put in for two degrees, but as we transition into the next section you’ll realize that it actually becomes quite beneficial after graduation.

The Pros

Despite the work and time that you’ll have to put in, you’ll soon realize that having two degrees can actually be quite beneficial and has its perks. By having two degrees on your resume, that itself already makes you much more marketable. Also, it shows that you were dedicated to take the extra step to complete two degrees versus completing one major and one minor. Lastly, it gives you the chance of going into several different fields after graduation.

After graduation, you’ll want to market yourself as best you can and having two degrees can really help with that in various ways. As I had mention in the previous paragraph it really shows that you are dedicated and determined to put in that extra work for the second degree. Just listing two degrees in your resume can be very beneficial in the sense that it demonstrates your work ethic.  I know I had mention in the previous section that the work required for two degrees might be overwhelming, but like the good ol’ saying goes, “the price of success is hard work”.

Along the lines of being more marketable, you’ll always have the chance of going into several fields with two degrees. Within one degree, the subfields that come along with it are numerous and having two degrees only doubles your opportunities for success. For example, within my Communication degree I can go into business, mass media communication, higher education, and various different fields. With my Psychology degree I can go into counseling, social work, education, and many various fields as well. In the end, if you don’t like a certain occupation or field you always have the chance to go into different fields within your degrees.

To conclude, double majoring is a tough process to get through, but definitely worth it in the end. Do consider the work, time, and effort that you’ll be required to put in, but also consider the benefits, perks, and pros to double majoring as well. Whether you’re considering or contemplating you should double major or not, I hope this blog post has helped you just a bit in your thought and planning process. In the end, double majoring isn’t for everybody and that’s totally fine! Do and stick with what you’re most comfortable with even it means just sticking with one major. Farewell and safe travels to you all fellow readers. Stay gold and keep it classy!

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