Change is Hard

By: Willow

When thinking about what to write for this blog post, I drew a blank. I have a list of ideas I want to write about that I usually pull from, but for some reason none of those seem to fit this week. So I decided to write about what my last two weeks have been filled with, change.

We lost the election, it was really hard. Me and countless others put months of our lives into this campaign and it ended with one sentence from a newscasters lips. “We’re calling it, all your hopes and dreams from the last four months are dead.” No, of course they didn’t say that on air, but that’s what we all heard. And it hurt.

So, all the Iowa Democrats did the only thing they could do, they packed up and went home. I went back to my parents house in small town Iowa and then came up to Duluth. In just two weeks time I have moved states, started online classes, ended one job, and restarted two others here in Duluth. It’s been a lot of change.

Change is not easy for anyone. It’s scary, it’s exhausting, it’s draining, and it’s really stinking hard. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it to question what you have for something better. It’s worth it to understand something new.

Dr Seuss quote

I am trying to keep into perspective how much I’ve gained from taking time off. But it’s still hard, and it can be really upsetting. Too often we think if we’re upset, there is something wrong with us. That’s just not true. Life is really hard sometimes, and as long as we keep growing, we will come out on top.

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