The Three C’s to Success

By: David

The love doctor once told me that if I wanted to attract potential mates in the world of dating I’d have to acquire the “three C’s”. Now I’m not here today to give dating advice because that would indeed be chaotic, but in today’s blog post I’ll be talking about how the three C’s can benefit you in the workplace, and pretty much any other area, as well. Stick around and read on as I’ll be highlighting what these wonderful “C’s” are!


I’m sure you’ve heard numerous people (including me) stress how important confidence may be in the workplace, academics, and life in general. Confidence is one of the big three because you can benefit from it in the workplace whether it be through giving presentations, communicating with coworkers daily, or even just working within the workplace. It is highly beneficial because with confidence you can prove that you’re capable of completing tasks with efficiency and with this your boss/supervisor will feel a lot more comfortable with making the decision of having hired you. Confidence is the most important out of the three because it is key to achieving the remaining two. Be careful though, because too much confidence may prove to be disastrous as well.


Now if you’re familiar with the video game, “The Sims”, there are multiple ways to increase your charisma skill within the game, but the most basic and common way to level up your charisma skill is by talking to yourself in the mirror. Now I’m not saying that you should do exactly that, but working on your charisma skill might prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Saying the right things during the right time can really benefit your path to success. A good example of this is interviewing. During the interview process, you can really land a job with your charisma by selling yourself to employers. Charisma indeed goes a long way and will get you far, but keep in mind that you can’t please everybody, every time.


I was going to start off by telling a joke about “infinity”, but I realize that it would never end. *Ba Dum Tsss. That was a terrible joke, I know, but stay with me. You see, comedy and humor go a long way and is the last piece to the puzzle. When people are able to add a little bit of comedy and humor to their work it gets people laughing, and when people are laughing it eases the environment and brightens everyone’s mood. Humor can positively turn a work atmosphere around because it really does add that additional spark to the workplace. One observation I’ve seen from stand-up comedians is that they are all confident with their jokes and in the end, if no one is laughing at least they themselves are laughing. Being humorous isn’t and shouldn’t be the number one thing to do and learn, but why not take some time to invest in some puns and jokes?

In finale, all of these characteristics are eventually acquired through time and effort. Just like any other skill out there, daily application and a little bit of research help with the developing process. Though there are a zillion other traits that are highly beneficial and can lead you to success. These three are just common characteristics you can always keep in mind. If trouble ever comes knocking at the door just always remember the three C’s of confidence, charisma, and comedy. They’ll get you out of almost any situation, when applied properly. This marks the end of today’s post, hope you all enjoy your break and stay warm folks!

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