Curious About Switching Majors? Watch for the Signs.

By: Logan

Everyone knows that one of the most stressful aspects of college is simply deciding on what you want to study and what career you want to pursue. Some students come in to college and have the whole plan figured out and know exactly what they are going to do, but for most people this is not the case. The majority of students will end up switching their major at least once in their college career. I am not one of the students who has the whole plan figured out, and I am currently in the middle of switching my major. In this blog post I will explain the different signs I experienced that led me to switch.

Coming in to college, I had it all planned out. I would go to school and graduate with a degree in Exercise Science, go to graduate school, and become a physical therapist. Easy as that. I thought I had the perfect plan, but as time went along I became less and less sure. The first sign that I experienced was every day in class. When I sat around the other exercise science majors I just felt a bit out of place. I attributed this to it being my first year at a new school and I thought I was just nervous. But I found this theme reoccurring in other classes, and I began to wonder about it. During my second semester of freshman year I was still feeling this way in many of my pre-exercise science classes and wasn’t sure why. I just didn’t feel like I fit in with these people and this environment. The following semester I decided to not take any courses relating to my major and just try out a few different classes and liberal education requirements and see how they went. I signed up for a couple different classes that semester and I ended up really enjoying them. I found an area of study where I felt more comfortable and similar to the other students, and it made learning so much easier.

Another big sign for me was the coursework for my old major. I struggled early on in some of my more challenging classes and to put it simply, my grades did not resemble an honor student. After a lot of thought and consideration I thought about my GPA and how these classes were hurting it. I decided that it would be better for me personally to switch my major to something more interesting to me so I could improve my GPA. I am in no way discouraging hard work! I want that to be clear. If you are passionate about something and really want to learn it, you can do it, even if the class is challenging. My problem was that I was not dedicated to the material and it made it that much more difficult to learn and be passionate about it. After I tried different classes and found what I really enjoyed I was willing to put in more time and effort. And in my opinion that is the biggest sign of them all: if you are not interested in the material you are studying, it will make it much harder. Study something that catches your interest, something that you are excited to learn about, and don’t be afraid to take a wide range of classes and to find your passion.

Whether you are looking for a major or thinking about switching majors just remember to keep your eyes out for the signs. If you feel out of place, or you just have that voice in the back of your head asking “Is this right for me?”; don’t be afraid to explore that idea. You don’t want to wake up on graduation day and realize that you hate your major. If you are having doubts or just want someone to talk to and discuss these issues, come to Career and Internship Services in Solon Campus Center 22. Here you can set up a meeting with any of our wonderful career counselors, and they can sit down and talk to you and answer some of those burning questions.

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