What is the edTPA?

By: Whitney

My previous blog post “What Tests are Needed to Become a Teacher in Minnesota” talked about the various Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) that need to be taken in order to get your teaching licenses. The total cost of taking these exams if you have to pay the annual fee of fifty dollars for each separate test section is $675. Since my last blog post, Minnesota Department of Education has decided that if you scored a 22 or higher on your ACT you no longer have to take the first portion of the exams which are the MTLE Basic Skills Tests.

This blog post is focusing on the Education Teacher Performance Assessment or more commonly known as edTPA. The edTPA is a performance evaluation where teacher candidates demonstrate skills that are needed in the classroom. It is becoming a stricter requirement for initial teacher licensure for many states including Minnesota.

There are several components to the edTPA including: planning, instruction, analysis of teaching, assessment, and academic language. Teacher candidates are required to supply the following: lesson plans, assignments, and video and classroom assessments of learning. One of the benefits of the edTPA is that it will provide universities more groundwork on what to teach teacher candidates in order to prepare them for their own classroom someday. As of right now, it is not required that teacher candidates pass the edTPA, but it is very possible that this will change in the very near future.

Scores are shared with the teacher candidates and their college or university. In the past it is up to the teacher candidate whether or not they would like to share their scores. When it comes to the hiring process, it is up to the administration of various school districts whether or not they would like to ask for the scores of their potential hires. It is also up to the incoming teacher whether or not they would like to share their scores.

The edTPA in the eyes of many teacher candidates is that it is just another step that they now have to take in order to get their license. While this is true, the main purpose is to make sure that incoming teachers are as prepared as possible for when they have their own classroom. The edTPA gives student teachers an opportunity to really evaluate their teaching and how their students are learning. This means that it is meant to help improve their teaching for both themselves and their students. It will also help institutions to evaluate their teacher preparation courses. The cost of the edTPA is $300. This brings the total cost of testing and the edTPA to $975 if you pass the first time and you have to pay the annual fee for each section of the MTLE tests to become an Elementary and Special Education certified teacher in the state of Minnesota. This total will vary based on content/subject area.

edTPA Particpation Map

Photo source: AACTE

For more information visit: http://www.edtpa.com/Home.aspx or http://www.edtpaminnesota.org

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