10 Reasons Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Summer Job in the World

By: Willow

I have had the extreme pleasure of spending my last two summers at Girl Scout Camp Tanglefoot. Here is a list of why everyone should spend a summer at camp.

Willow 1

The camp I work at is in Clear Lake, Iowa. It is lovely. Being on the lake makes TONS of activities possible; canoeing, pontooning, swimming, kayaking, sailing, and paddleboarding. Sometimes, we even let the kids drive the boat!

Willow 2

Face Painting! How many jobs are out there where this is an acceptable way to look? The best is when you tell one kid what your favorite animal is, and you end up with countless giraffes on your body.

Willow 3

At camp we have a motto “Camp is for the campers” so that means you have to make some sacrifices. In this photo you are seeing the aftermath of group of girls who were very shy and quiet at dinner. What is the best way to get shy kids to have fun? Pizza sauce facial hair!
Beware, it kind of burns…

Willow 4

Two words: MUD PIT

Willow 5

Another amazing thing about Girl Scout Camp Tanglefoot is the singing! Campfire songs, fun songs, and action songs all are a huge part of camp!

Willow 6

Being a counselor means you constantly get to wear Chacos. Like, always.

Willow 7

We have a ropes course! Challenge courses are a staple of a lot of camps. I am a ropes course facilitator and I love it! It is so amazing to see girls who really think they can’t reach the top of the “leap of faith” overcome their fears and do what they thought they couldn’t.

Willow 8

Sometimes at camp we have party nights. And sometimes, we have PROM party night! Who doesn’t want to spend a summer evening dancing in a meadow?

Willow 9

At camp we have final camp fire at the end of every week. We dress up, sing songs, and all share a wonderful campfire. Camp is full of amazing traditions and final campfire is one of my personal favorites.

Willow 10

The last, and best, thing about being a camp counselor is the relationships you make with your fellow staff. Some of my best friends are former co-workers, as well as my greatest role models. If you want a 100% unforgettable summer, find a camp.

Photo source: Willow

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