What Can I do With a Mathematics or Statistics Major?

By: Janet & Sue (Career Counselors & Guest Posters)

So, you’re thinking about a mathematics or statistics major and wonder what else you could do besides teach or become an actuary. The number and kinds of career options may surprise you.

Math is used in many different fields. Who knew it takes a lot of math to make Pixar’s characters so adorable? Yes, “those adorable animations don’t instantly leap from their designers’ brains into our hearts. The cuddly creatures come from a source: the mind of an in-house mathematician.”

Math degree

Mathematicians are everywhere! According to the American Mathematical Society, “Mathematical research and education are at the heart of some careers, while other careers utilize mathematics and its applications to build and enhance important work in the sciences, business, finance, manufacturing, communications, and engineering.”

Mathematics is the basis of technological innovation and scientific advances in transportation, entertainment, energy, medical research, information technology, and space exploration.

Employers like mathematics majors because they tend to be logical, critical, and mathematically competent. Mathematics majors can look at data, analyze it, interpret it, find correlations or trends, and make decisions based on the data or give the information to managers who make the decisions.

These attributes and skills are desired characteristics in many fields including finance, logistics, and retail. Software and IT positions are also strong possibilities because of the analytical skills needed to program. There are many other options open to mathematics graduates including working in banking, accounting, insurance, design, and statistical analysis.

The Mathematical Association of America, has a wealth of information for Undergraduates on Math Careers including career options such as operations research, biomathematics, biostatistics, and cryptography.

For those of you interested in business and marketing, as a complement to your mathematics or statistics major you may want to consider the Consumer Insights and Analytics minor or major. Although not required it could enhance your pursuit of positions such as marketing analyst, business intelligence analyst, competitive intelligence analyst, or market research analyst to name a few.

As you can see, there are many options for mathematics and statistics majors. It’s really up to you and your imagination, so get out there and do some research! Maybe you’ll decide “Big data” is for you!

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Updated: July 2020

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