The Quest for All Trades

By: David

With the school semester finally coming to an end (thank goodness!) the wonderful month long break approaches us. With an entire month of no school, we are sometimes left with “too much” time surprisingly. Whether you’re watching the entire 10 seasons of “Friends” (on Netflix Jan 1st), outside enjoying the snow, or just simply trying to get to diamond on Leagues, you’re still going to have a little bit of free time. So what to do on this extra free time? Well, why not learn a new skill?! With an entire month of free time this is the best time to learn a new set of skills for the workplace, academic area, or just for the greater good.

One of my favorite figure of speech of all time is, “jack of all trades, master of none”. This figure of speech is one that has always stuck to me since the beginning of time. The value of being a well-rounded person has always been important to me. In an article called, “Learn a new skill and become a better candidate,” the author talks about the importance and value of learning a new skill. It talks about how and where you can learn various skills on different websites and some of these websites include YouTube, Skillshare, TED, and many more. Being well-rounded is highly beneficial because it shows that you’re not so limited to a certain set of skills. By having a wide variety of skills you can always approach certain problems or situations from several perspectives.

So, if the concept of being a well-rounded person is so important, then what skills are necessary in order to make you a “well-rounded” person? Well, before you master any type of awesome art the best way to start off is starting with the basics. The basic skills like cooking, cleaning, or even knowing how to use a Keurig coffee machine are essential. The other day my wonderful supervisor taught me how to use a Keurig coffee machine that I dared to never touch. Now that I know how to use the machine you see me sipping from a coffee mug almost on a daily basis now! It’s totally possible to learn new awesome skills like juggling, painting, etc., but in the end the most basic skills are usually the most important ones. So if you do plan on learning a new skill, don’t forget about the basic skills as well.

Though the idea of learning a new skill can be fascinating, it can also be quite nerve wracking at the same time. Back to the story of the Keurig machine, I never dared to touch the machine because in the end I was afraid that I would look foolish if I didn’t know how to make coffee so I just never tried. If I had originally tried to use the machine the first time I’m sure I would’ve been a master at it a lot earlier. You see, with starting a new skill the starting point will always be the most difficult part, but once you actually start and get the ball rolling then you will be A-okay!

In the end, learning a new skill is always beneficial whether it’s for work, academics, or if you just want to simply pick up on a new hobby. Applying your wonderful talents is always fascinating and impressing to others whether it be on the professional or social setting. With a little bit of extra free time, why not learn a new skill this winter break? Who knows, you might even land your next job interview with this new skill! Let’s say farewell to the fall semester and enjoy the well deserved winter break. Stay safe and stay warm folks!

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