Common Questions About GoldPASS

By: Cameron

What is GoldPASS?

GoldPASS is a University of Minnesota owned website where employers post job and internship opportunities. All University of Minnesota students and alumni have access to the site. Find it here.


How do I get started?

Once you log in with your University of Minnesota login information you will want to fill out your profile in the “My Account” tab at the top of the page. Then you will want to go into “My Documents” in the “My Account” tab and upload your resume. Your resume will be reviewed and either approved or unapproved for use on GoldPASS. If it is unapproved, make the suggested changes and upload the new resume.

How many skills should I include when filling out my profile?

It is not uncommon to have even twenty or more skills listed so feel free to be somewhat liberal when selecting skills. Having said that, there are a lot of skills out there that basically anyone could list such as numerical skills or writing so try and stick to the most relevant skills that will set you apart.

How do I search for positions?

Click the “Job/Internship Search” button/tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to a page with categories to search by. At any given time there are two or three thousand postings so it is important that you narrow your search. The main categories that you will want to search by are:

  • Degree(s) Seeking or Attained (select all that apply)
  • Job Category (select up to 5)
  • Position Type
  • Majors

You will also want to make sure and check the box that says “Exclude Records with ‘All Majors.” If you find some postings that you like you can always add them to your favorites.

How do I apply to positions?

In each posting there is a section titled “Application Method” that typically says to submit application through the company’s website. Then there will be a section below providing a link to the company’s website. Some positions also have a button at the top of the posting that says “Submit Resume.” Clicking on this will allow you to submit your resume and a cover letter. It is recommended that you apply using both methods whenever possible.

What else can you do on GoldPASS?

On GoldPASS you can also sign up for on-campus interviews, check the calendar for upcoming career fairs and events, and checkout the resource library which provides tons of information about all kinds of career-related topics.

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