8 (More) Jobs You Can do with Anthropology

By: Meg

I wrote a while ago about what you can do with Anthropology. Working in the field is great, and there’s so much more you can do with it!

Anthropology Jobs

Non Profits and Government
Working between the government and the people is a great place for Anthropologists. The background in cultural diversity that you get learning Anthropology, even at an undergrad level, makes it a lot easier to figure out the right path. The holistic perspective that we learn comes in handy: whether it’s community planning, advocacy, or in the House of Representatives, your job is to understand the issue from all sides.

Health Education
All around the world, we’re concerned with being healthy. So we have “experts” in “health” who teach us how to do everything we already know that we should do better. Health Education is a really useful tool to make sure that everybody knows the facts about their health. Here in the U.S. we have organizations like Planned Parenthood that hand out condoms and have discussions about it. In some cases, that means taking cultural and religious considerations. Around the world we have a need for people to discuss nutrition, HIV, and whatever else you can think of.

Of course, you can go into the Education system. Often those doing research in the Anthropology are also working as instructors at the college level. It’s a good jumping off point for writing and researching. In addition, if teaching is your calling, you can learn about anything with an Anthropological perspective.

Fine Arts
There are quite a very successful people working in fine arts that have degrees in Anthropology. Learning about other cultures can help with acting, and art (in any form) is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for a culture. Giada de Laurentiis, Glenn Close, and Ashley Judd were all Anthropology majors.

Linguistics is a subfield in Anthropology, meaning you’re going to find a lot of Anthropology majors who really care about language. Authors, editors, publishers, poets, comedians. You can do whatever you want with language, and have the background to help you understand others.

The corporate world takes Anthropology seriously. They hire Anthropologists as consultants to help them devise business plans and products. You can also create your own business. A little bit of experience in the business world and you’re set.

Human Resources
Just like HR is full of Psych majors, there are plenty of Anth majors there as well. They perform a lot of the same functions: ensuring optimal environment and business practices. You can also work internationally if you have some experience with the culture you’re practicing in. A lot of Anthropology departments have regionally focused classes and the language to match, so go ahead and play with your electives to get the focus you want.

With a focus in Biological Anthropology and some pre-med requirements, you can go to Medical school with your degree. It’s important for our doctors to understand the culture of their patients, and Anthropology can help to open your mind to that. There are quite a few classes on physiology and evolution to help you get a complete (holistic) understanding of our species. You can also be a medical examiner or go into Forensics (which I talked about in my last post).

With these in mind, take an Anthropology course in something that interests you. Who knows, it might be the perspective you were looking for.

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Updated: June 2020

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