University of Minnesota App – Access to the Job Fair in the Palm of Your Hand

By: Logan

When preparing for a job & internship fair, one should try and use all of the resources available. You can find a lot of great information about all the fairs on the Career and Internship Services’s website. Here you can see what fairs are happening, when and where, and a brief description of who will be there. But some people might want more information than that. What if someone wanted to see specifically what companies will be at the fair? Or what if someone wanted to know where at the fair a certain company will have its table? If you are someone who is interested in learning more about the fairs, then you will probably enjoy this new tool that can be used by any University of Minnesota student. This is a relatively new app called University of Minnesota. This revolutionary app will make researching a job & internship fair much more simple and enjoyable. This app can do many things that a normal website cannot do, and I think that this app will help many students who will be attending a fair.

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So who can benefit from this app? The answer is: everyone who attends a University of Minnesota school. This app can be used by students at the Duluth, Twin Cities, Morris, Crookston, and Rochester campuses. You can find the University of Minnesota app in the Apple Store or Android Market and it is free to download.


When you first download and open the app you will need to choose a guide. This is where you choose the job & internship fair you are interested in or other activities going on through the University.

Guides in Guidebook

Once you choose a guide you have access to all of the features the app offers. There are multiple options to explore. There is the general section, where it basically gives you an overview of the fair or activity that you chose. It tells you the date, time, location, rating, and a small bio explaining who the fair is for. There is a tab for how to register. Here it tells you where you need to go to register, how much it will cost, and other information regarding disability accommodations and fees. One of my favorite things about the app is the “Prepare for the Fair” button. Here you can read tips on what to do before and during the fair. It gives you tips on what you should do to prepare, how to act and present yourself while at the fair, and it provides you with multiple links and more information on career fairs and the job search.

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One of the most useful aspects of the app is the “Employers at the Fair” section. Here it lists every single company recruiting at the fair. You can select an employer and read more about them. It provides a bio about the company, positions they have available, majors they are interested in, job categories, work authorization, and their policy on interviews and resumes. I think that this section is one of the best in the app because you can quickly and easily research companies you are interested in, and it has all the information you need to prepare for the job fair. If you happen to find an employer you are interested in and want to remember, down at the bottom of the screen there is an “Add to To-Do” button. You can add employers to this To-Do list, and it saves them for you. Once you go through and select which companies you are interested in, there is a button in the menu that says “Employers I Added.” This is where all of the companies are saved when you add them to the To-Do list. When you go to the fair and visit these employers you can actually check them off in your “Employers I Added” section. This will ensure that you do not skip or forget about any companies you want to visit.

Cargill Info

Also when looking at a company you can choose to “Add New Note.” So if you have any notes that you would like to remember about a certain company, you can write them and have access to them at any time. This could be a very useful tool in many ways. You can use it to write down possible questions you might have, or after you visit with the company you can make a note saying what you liked or disliked about your interaction with the company.

App Notes

This app contains many other helpful tools. It shows a map of the fair you are attending in detail. It also shows the exact location in the venue of every employer who will be attending. This way you can plan out your day and you can make sure that you can always find an employer that you are looking for.


There is also information on transportation, social media, and your school’s Career Services Office. Overall, this app is very useful and very informative. I think that the University of Minnesota app will help many students who are attending the job fair. I hope that many students take advantage of this informative app because it really can help a lot with job fair preparation. So if you know someone who will be attending a job fair soon, or you will be attending one as well, be sure to download this app and be one step ahead of the competition.

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