Confessions of an Introvert #3 – Own Your Introversion

By: Katie

It doesn’t take much digging to find lists of articles online written to help introverts stop being introverts. In light of that, I’m totally okay with being the bearer of “bad news” here: guess what? You actually can’t stop being an introvert. (*gasps from the audience*) I know, it’s crazy. Want to know something else? You actually should be proud to be an introvert, and I’ll tell you why.

Introverts are Thoughtful
Introverts are thinkers. They do so, frequently and deeply. While extroverts may respond right away, introverts prefer to take in information, process it, analyze it, come up with something valuable to say, and then speak. This also leads introverts to be great listeners. Instead of interrupting someone to speak or offer their opinions, introverts can simply stay quiet and listen to what others have to say.

Introverts are Creative
The people who easily become lost in their heads also tend to be people who are great at coming up with new ideas. Thinking leads to imagining, visualizing, and planning. Introverts think themselves into a box, and then think themselves right out of it, making them very creative.

Confessions of Introvert 3

Introverts are Problem Solvers and Decision Makers
With the ability to think deeply comes the ability to concentrate deeply. Introverts easily become absorbed in thoughts and ideas. This leads to focused, in-depth conversations, both internally and externally. Introverts can maintain focus and keep working until they reach a conclusion or find an answer. Additionally, the desire to think leads introverts to make more informed decisions, making sure to consider the options and consequences before acting.

Introverts are Detail-oriented
Fun fact: research shows that introverts are better at noticing detail than extroverts. Introverts show increased brain activity when processing information due to being overwhelmed by stimuli, which is not seen in extroverts. Introverts can observe and take in large quantities of information, picking up on the little details others might not see. This is also part of the reason introverts become tired after being out and busy all day: their brains have been working so hard.

Introverts are Independent
When given the option to work in a group or work alone in class, I’ll work alone. It’s not that I don’t like working with people or can’t do it, I just like to work by myself. Many introverts feel the same way. Not only do introverts like working alone, they’re also good at it. Introverts learn to figure things out on their own without needing to ask for help.

Introverts are Writers
Introverts’ love of thinking and introspection often leads them to be skilled writers. Thinking before speaking and before writing operate on a similar principle: planning what is verbalized before it is actually consumed by others, either out loud or in writing. Writing allows introverts a buffer between their minds and the minds of others, something that allows introverts to clearly and confidently articulate what they want to say.

With all the awesome qualities introverts possess, why wouldn’t you want to be introvert?

The next installment of Confessions of an Introvert will serve as a short survival guide for introverts. It’s not always easy to be an introvert in this extroverted world, but I can help you figure out how.

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3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Introvert #3 – Own Your Introversion

  1. Great Post! I have also enjoyed the other confessions of an introvert posts. I am an introvert and all of these qualities describe me. It is nice to know others function this way. – Julie

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