What Now?! A Simple Guide for After the Job Fair

By: David

Alright, so now that you’ve attended the job fair you might be clueless as what to do now. I know that lost feeling all too well, but lucky for you this blog post will be highlighting some tips and advice on how to follow up with employers and recruiters after the job fair. The majority of these tips are briefly touched on in one of our handouts, “Checklist For Job Fair Success.” Hope it helps and enjoy!

After the Job Fair

The first thing you should always do is connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, GET ONE! Sorry, I don’t mean to yell, but I just want to emphasize the importance of LinkedIn. It’s pretty much Facebook for the professionals (NOTE: the “professionals.” You, my friend, are now a professional). You can see all of our posts on LinkedIn here to really get your profile built. Since we’re on the topic of social media already, the next thing you can do is personally connect with the company on Twitter or Facebook. The chances are slim to great depending on the company itself whether they will actually have a social media account. If all else fails, you can feel free to connect with recruiters on their professional Twitter/Facebook account. Here’s more information on using social media in your job search.

After connecting with recruiters on social media, the next best thing would be to send personal thank you letters and resumes to the specific recruiter whom you spoke with and from there you can begin the application/inquisition process. This should be done three business days after your initial meeting with the recruiter. When contacting the recruiter, always make sure you use proper email etiquette to keep things professional. Check out this article on Inc.com for the essential tips. After 10 days have passed from the first meeting, make the first call to determine if employers have reviewed your application, check vacant positions, and to display your deep interest in the company. This might seem kind of overboard, but it shows initiative and your desire to work with a  specific company over other candidates.

Overall, you should always keep a log of accurate records of when and where you met recruiters, when you sent letters and resumes, important contacts, and any additional important information that might benefit you in the long run. Also, make sure when you reach out to other representatives, you mention names of specific recruiters of whom you met at the fair within your cover letter. Within the cover letter, you can talk about your interaction and conversation with the recruiter, or any interesting anecdotes.

All in all, it’s always important to maintain connections with recruiters. Even if there aren’t any current opportunities for you, there may be a chance that you’ll get a position down the line. One important thing I would like to stress is professionalism. To some extent, it’s always nice to have the personal and casual aspect to the conversation, but try to keep your formalities until you actually get the job. You want to keep your professional image clean and classy. I hope this helps you all with your adventures of finding a job or internship in the near future. Best of luck to you all and as always, stay gold folks!

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