A Guide to Being a Woman in the Workplace, by Leslie Knope

By: Willow

With the series finale of Parks and Recreation, I began to look back at my favorite show and all I’ve gotten out of it. The character of Leslie Knope is amazing. She’s a feminist, a friend, a mother, and a dedicated public servant. Honestly, she’s my hero. Here is a list of a few lessons she taught me.

Keep your values strong. Everyone has different values, and that’s ok. Be respectful, but don’t back down.

Leslie 1

Be prepared. Always. You never know what might come up.

Leslie 2

It’s important to have role models. Just because you’re moving up doesn’t mean you can’t look up.

Leslie 3

Keep open lines of communication. I find that most problems in the workplace are caused by some sort of miscommunication. Stop those problems before they start by practicing good communication.

Leslie 4

Goals are a total must.

Leslie 5

Encourage your co-workers. Everyone deserves a pat on the back when they do well. Why not have it come from you?

Leslie 6

Keep your priorities in line. Leslie Knope has her priorities, and you should have your own. It might be friends, waffles, and work, or family, cooking, and photography, or work, farm animals, and fast casual dining. Whatever your priorities are, stick with them.

Leslie 7

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