Dare to be You

By: Willow

I think as college kids, and as humans in general, but especially college kids, we worry way too much about what others think we should be. Not only that, but there are a lot of negative attitudes around groups of people who act certain ways or wear certain things. Frat bros, farm girls, jocks, stoners, or God forbid, theater majors. So anyway, here’s my question, since when is what makes you happy a bad thing?

We’re all in college, doing our thing, learning our skills, trying to figure out who we are. Its hard enough, without us devaluing what others are doing. I’m sure we’ve all been there, someone makes a comment like “Environmental Science? That’s a pointless major.” And there you are feeling two inches tall because that’s your major.

So let’s do this instead, let’s support our friends, and enemies, and strangers whether they be basic, complicated, or somewhere in between. And let’s remember that we don’t have to explain ourselves to others. If you are doing what makes you happy, others should be happy for you, and if they’re not, well you should still support them because it’s the right thing to do. Let’s all try to be better together. Life is hard, don’t make it harder. In the words of Kid President, “If life is just a game, aren’t we all on the same team?”

Smile Folks, we’re all in this together.

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