My Summer Checklist

By: David

As the beautiful summer awaits us in seven days (eeeekkk!), I am excited to complete my checklist over the next couple of months as I transition into my senior year. Summer is always a time for joy, bliss, sweat, travel, play, hibernation, and of course, FOOD!  Aside from the barbecues, summer jobs, and swimming parties let’s not forget that it is also the only time of the year to be extremely productive (or not). After brainstorming much with my fellow colleagues and counselors, we generated this list. Check it out!

Updating LinkedIn/Resume

During the academic year, I am always TOO busy to update my LinkedIn account and resume. The process requires a lot of time and tedious work because it is heavily detail oriented. With some breathing room, I’ll finally have the time to update and remaster both my LinkedIn and resume. As a college student, I find it crucial to constantly update resumes and LinkedIn after the end of the academic year. It gives you a chance to reflect upon the academic year and add any new experiences, coursework, or activities that may help enhance your resume/LinkedIn. In addition to the basic one page resume, it’s important to craft a master resume as well. A master resume is a resume that contains all of the different experiences, extracurriculars, honors, coursework, and pretty much everything else. It’s convenient to have a master resume because different jobs will require different skills and because of that it requires a lot of resume editing when applying to the job itself. With a master resume in hand already, it is really convenient to switch experiences in and out from the application resume to your master resume. With that being said, the first thing on my list this summer will be to polish up my master resume and LinkedIn profile!

Palm tree

Researching for Grad Schools

Realistically speaking, as a Communication and Psychology double major my chances are higher for a career with a graduate degree. Currently, my end goal is to work in a college institution whether it be staff or faculty.  With this, it’s important I have a good idea where I want to go for grad school once I’m ready. On my down time during the summer, I’ll be looking into schools across the nation to figure out where I potentially would want to go. There are many side factors other than the program itself I’ll be looking into when doing my research. I’ll have to research the city of the college itself, the financial costs of the program, and the population and it’s culture. Overall, I’m the type of person where I need to pave a path for myself for the future and grad school is something that is crucial for my future success which is why it makes it to number two on my list!

Studying for the GRE

As much as I dislike standardized testing,  the GRE is a must for many of the programs I will probably be applying for. I can recall the early Saturday morning for ACT testing in high school, it was brutal! As for the GRE, it will be even longer and more intense! But I just hope my stomach doesn’t make any whale calls again this time around. On a serious note, the GRE will require an immense amount of studying in order to score well. A portion of my summer will be dedicated to studying for this so ever delightful exam. To sum up, as much as I don’t want to study over the summer it will be inevitable for me if I want to do well in the future.

Preparing for APAA

As the president for Asian Pacific American Association next year, I have a ton of planning to do over the course of the summer. I have always had the passion and dedication to help the organization and members flourish as a whole. A good chunk of my summer will be dedicated to planning events and activities, and discussing ideas and issues with my co-board members. I’m extremely excited for what’s in store for the following academic year and honored to serve as the main representative for my fellow peers! Throughout the summer, my goal is to research more about Asian American history so that I can facilitate future educational discussions with my organization. In addition to my role as president, I plan on leading a number of individual workshops throughout the year. As I only have a two years left of my undergraduate career, I feel that it is time for me to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to my fellow peers. All in all, even though preparing for the organization isn’t at the top of my list, I know that I will put the majority of my time and effort into this organization because of my passion and excitement for the following year.

There you have it, my extensive checklist for the summer. As much as I hate staying indoors during the summer, I find it interesting how I will function throughout the summer as I need internet for a chunk of my goals. In addition, I know that I will be very tempted to slack off and relax or get out in the sun and enjoy the weather. It will indeed be a busy summer as I transition into senior year, but I am actually looking forward to it! In the previous summers, I have been the biggest bum, but I have a very good feeling for what’s in store for this summer. As I wrap up my final blog post for the semester, I hope you all gained some sort of insight from this. Good luck on finals, enjoy the weather, and have fun to you all as summer is right around the corner! Safe travels until next time and as always, stay gold my friends!

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