Choose Your Own Adventure

By: Willow

If you follow my blog posts, (Hi Mom!) you have probably noticed that I talk a lot about being unsure of what you want to do, and changing your major, and changing your mind, and things of that nature. I have recently found out that there is a program here at UMD for students who like too  many things to pick just one.  To wrap up this year of blogging I’m going to share my experience with the Interdisciplinary Studies major, or as I like to call it, the choose your own adventure major.

I had a meeting last week to change my major to IS and it was very interesting and helpful. Interdisciplinary Studies is a major though the College of Liberal Arts and I’ll earn a B.A. degree.

Inter Dis Major

The IS major is a combination of at least three different fields of study, they can all be from the same college, or from different ones, it’s up to you. You have to have at least 48 credits that come from your major classes but other than that it’s pretty open. You are however, not allowed to start the major after you have completed 70 credits, this is to be sure you will still be able to graduate in time.

To begin the IS major you have to submit a proposal of all the classes you want to take to the head of the department, they then approve the classes or give you pointers on what to add or take off. After you’re all approved you have created your own major, follow the plan, pass your classes, and graduate.

As in all majors, you must complete Advanced Writing. With IS you also have to take one methods course, and a senior project. The senior project is anywhere from 1 to 10 credits and is very open as far as medium. Many people do a paper, but there are some who portfolios, presentations, or multimedia productions. The project is to show what you have learned and how your studies go together.

I wish I knew more about the IS degree when I started college, I think it’s an amazing program that more students should take advantage of.

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Photo source: Unsplash/Ali Inay

Updated: July 2020

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