Highlights of 2013-14 Graduate Follow-up Report

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We are happy to announce that our latest Graduate Follow-up Report is available for perusing. Every year we contact recent UMD grads to find out what they are doing six months to one year after graduation. The report we recently finished is on the 2013-14 graduates. With 90% of the grads reporting, we can say that 97% are employed or continuing their education. We’re pretty proud of our grads. We’ve already published a number of posts related to the work that goes into creating the Graduate Follow-up Report:

We use the information housed in this report in a number of ways, including:

  • showing prospective students and their parents what is possible with a UMD education.
  • current students exploring options of positions and companies possible for their majors.
  • on-campus departments use the information for accreditation and other purposes.
  • so much more.

By Major Report

One of our favorite versions of the report that we’ve released over the past few years is the “By Major” report. In this version, you can see all the information for one major, in one place. You can find:

  • an annual comparison of data for the past 5 years (new to the “By Major” report this year!).
  • baccalaureate statistics which include how many people earned the degree; how many responded; if they are employed, continuing education, actively seeking, or not seeking; if they’re employed in Minnesota; and more.
  • how related the job is to the major (as deemed by the grad).
  • statistics on salaries, internships, and study abroad.
  • a follow-up of the major which includes where grads are working (companies and locations), position titles, and continuing education programs grads are pursuing (technical, bachelors, masters, Ph.D., & professional).

Yes, it’s an amazing amount of information and we are oh so happy to share it with you. Enjoy!

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